Thursday, October 20, 2011

20 Things I've Never Done

I'm taking Mama Kat's challenge this week. She's asked us to follow the lead of The Pioneer Woman who posted a list of Things I've Never Done Before. I loves makin' lists, so here are Things I've Never Done Before.

I'm 37.75 years old and I have never:

1. Visited a continent on the opposite side of the hemisphere.

2. Had my tongue pierced.

3. Had a nervous break down.

4. Had a "boy" haircut.

5. Swam with sharks and dolphins (not at the same time).

6. Eaten goat roti--and loved it.

7. Wished I could unsay something I just said.

8. Met Jennifer Lopez. And Robert DeNiro. And George Clooney.

9. Danced in a mud bath with strangers on a Caribbean island (Jouvert, Trinidad Carnival).

10. Had newts as pets. . .

. . . Hold up, hold up. Is this not like the college drinking game version of "I Never" where you actually HAVE done the things you say "you never" did? No? Whoops! Then let me start over--'cause all of the above are true. I seriously, honestly have never done the following things...

1. Had a one night stand. 

2. Seen Casablanca or--on the total opposite end of the spectrum--an episode of Jersey Shore.

3. Enjoyed any food with mayonnaise in it or near it.

4. Hosted the Oscars.

5. Birthed triplets.

6. Published a book.

7. Owned a pony.

8. Slow danced with a midget. Sorry, "little person."

9. Met Ryan Reynolds. Or Clint Eastwood. Or Ellen Degeneres.

10. Met a cheese I didn't like.

Care to share some of your "I never"s? Please comment!


  1. I've seen celebrities, but have never taken a picture with one.

  2. Aw, I want to host the Oscars!
    But I don't want to watch Jersey Shore. Or own a pony... too high maintenance.

    Great list(s)! ;)

  3. Stoppin' in from Mama Kat's! Love your lists!

  4. Love your take on this.

    Meeting Ryan Reynolds and Ellen Degeneres would make my life.

  5. Jackie - That was taken at work. She was doing an interview for her movie Out of Site w/ George Clooney at the hotel (Fontainebleau, Miami Beach) where I was the PR person coordinating the shoot. I would never be brave enough to just approach a celeb on the street!

    Nenette - You make a good point about ponies. I hear they are very demanding, always wanting apples cut into thirds and such.

    Kerri - Thanks for stoppin' by!

    Kim - I might pee myself if I ever got the opportunity to attend a dinner party and sit between Ryan and Ellen.

  6. What a fantastic post! Loved both of you list an may have to make one of these next week