Sunday, February 26, 2012

My first article in O--The Oprah Magazine! March 2012 issue

In addition to writing organizing-related freelance articles, I often get interviewed as a professional organizer for articles about the best way to organize a given room (bedroom, home office, playroom) or person (husband, children, elderly parent, etc.).

I was beside myself with excitement when I got the opportunity a couple months ago to give a quote to an editor at O--The Oprah Magazine for their annual organizing issue, now on newsstands (March 2012). I was asked to provide an anecdote about the weirdest thing I've ever found while organizing someone's home. I provided several brief answers for the editor to choose from (if you're interested in my answers, ask me in the comments), and just a week later I was told one of my answers would be used. I was ELATED! I. Heather Lambie. Was going to be in O magazine.

When I picked up my copy this month, I did a quick flip search for the article so I could dig in and read it, then share it with my friends and husband. I looked. And looked. And looked. I was almost to the point where I thought maybe the article was cut last minute when I saw it. There, at the bottom of the page, in a sidebar with 7pt type, was a 7-word phrase that summed up my "weirdest find," (more than 1,000 containers of lip gloss) with an attribution of my name at the very end. I circled and put arrows so you can see it.

Here is my O magazine debut--don't blink! (hint:  if you click the image you can see it bigger)

When I saw it I laughed so hard I fell off the couch. OK, maybe I was crying, not laughing. Still. There's no denying it. I am IN Oprah's magazine.

Plus, I now have a connection with a very kind editor from O who one day may give me the opportunity to be in O again with my name as a byline instead of an ink burp.