Friday, July 13, 2012

This is Thrillerfest - Day 1

I will stay on theme as I recount this year's mother-daughter trip, which is easy since each day really was a mini thriller suspense.

After 10 days of couch, rest, elevation, ice and compression, I had done all that I could to heal my sprained ankle before this trip to New York, the city that never sleeps . . . and the city where people walk freaking everywhere.  The day before I left, I put pressure on on my ankle for the first time and walk-limped. It was a first step (ha!), but I wouldn't be able to take Manhattan without help.

DAY 1 - Will our heroine be able to walk the streets of New York? Or will she be a hobbling mugger's target?
My mom refuses to check luggage--ever--for reasons I can't take time in this blog to list. The night before we left she called and instructed me to, "only bring a carry-on, OK?" I don't think she realized I was still on crutches.

Pulling my own bag would mean I could not use both crutches, so I opted to take just one crutch, an ankle brace and a side of codeine. This worked fine enough through the airports (I've never had so much help through security!), but I am independent, impatient and vain, and me and these crutches weren't going to last.

Mom had a lunch meeting with her editor and publisher straight away, and I was off to explore the city, alone and crutchless--not to be confused with crotchless. I took tentative steps at first, but the more I walked, the more things seemed to stretch out and loosen up in my ankle. So I kept walking. I walked 3 or 4 miles in 3 hours, stopping only momentarily to visit the beautiful showrooms at ABC Carpet and Home store:

And eat a salted caramel sundae at ABC Kitchen, which, if you ever get to New York, is a must. Yes, that's caramel popcorn and a sea of hot fudge.

Sugared up and foot-rested, I walked from Union Square to all my favorite SoHo haunts.

I ignored the feeling of hot lava coming from the muscles and tendons on my foot as well as my ever-thickening ankle.  Instead, I focused on the myriad food trucks in this city now! WOW, you can get anything on the street now! Was hoping for a Big Gay Ice Cream Truck sighting, but I wasn't mobile enough to walk to it.

Back at the hotel I met mom and I removed my now very-tight shoe to reveal this cankle an a spankin' new set of heel to toe bruises:

"That's a LOT of blood, Heather," Mom said when she saw it. "You need to let me know immediately if you feel any pain in your calf because that means you're having a pulmonary embolism and you'll need to be rushed to the ER so you don't die." Wow, thanks.

What am I going to do with five days more in this city? Dun dun dahhhhhhh. To be continued...

(Are you feeling the suspense? No? That's why I don't write thrillers.)


  1. I love Fanelli's. And your photos.

  2. OMG. This is one ugly sprain. Yes, this IS suspensful because now I want to know if you can even slide across the floor on your derrier the next morning - much less put weight on this poor ankle.

  3. Thanks, Lynn! I heart taking photos! Don't worry, Kate... I'm back on my feet again. Don't know I'll be running anymore marathons though. *sigh, frown face*

  4. pictures are awesome. whats the big gay ice team truck?? did you instagram those pics? You should do that to your ankle pic! What happened? You will have to catch me up on your injury.

  5. Big Gay Ice Cream is a store and now they have a mobile truck for ice cream (yummy!). Follow where they are on twitter:

    Yes, those pics are instagram'd (my new obsession). The ankle story is found here:

    Happy to report I am doing OK. Still cannot run or jump yet, but walking just fine. Will need to start PT soon so I can get back on race training schedule.