Monday, January 14, 2013

Mom Sabbatical: Week 2 of 4

Number of times my son had cereal and my daughter had spoonfuls of Nutella for dinner this week: Probably 4

Number of times the TV was left on in the den with no one watching it: 1,184

Number of empty food wrappers found in a place other than the garbage can: 23

Number of times I sighed about all this: 0


Could it be that I am enlightened, relaxed and made anew after just one week of biting my mom tongue? I wish, but no.


There was just one reason it was so remarkably easy for me to stay on the couch, not lift a finger, and ignore my children’s organizational transgressions during Week 2 of the Mom Freeze. For the past seven days, I have been incapacitated with that horrible, diabolical flu they keep talking about on the news. This virus is no joke, friends. For six solid days I woke up congested, weak and achy so much that my freckles hurt. My hair hurt. Blinking hurt. Eating was of no interest, and when I did force myself to eat two crackers or bites of rice, food had no taste. (Flu bonus:  I lost three pounds in six days.)


The week prior to catching this flu I had started back working out at my 5:30 – 6:30 a.m. boot camp (it was the first week of January, after all), so it was the perfect storm for me to get sick. My body was tired and depleted from early rising and serious workouts (oh, and about a month’s worth of heavy holiday drinking prior to that).


Sweet mother of mountain climbers, coughing is brutal when your feeble, unused core is sore from a recent re-introduction to crunches, push-ups and burpees. As if being weak and sick wasn’t enough!


As for the report on how my kids and husband are doing with the Mom Freeze, I would have to say… this week I have no complaints, but mainly because I just didn’t have the energy to notice or care if there were toothpaste globs in the sink or if homework was being done. I wasn’t a fully functioning human. I existed only on the couch or my bed. Never even went into the kitchen except to make hot tea to bring back to bed. I don’t remember tripping over anything when moving from said couch to said bed though, so that is a plus. [NOTE: That nail polish remover bottle was moved pretty quickly after that last blog posted. Hubby couldn’t take it either.]


I must give major props to my husband, who was a saint while I was sick, offering me liquids and soups and keeping the kids at bay. He did an amazing job making sure they got lunches made, got to and from school and friends’ houses, and generally kept the house in order.


He did raise his voice more times this week than last when telling the children to pick up their misplaced items that pepper our home. I can tell that being the only person repeating these refrains to the kids (with no backup from me) is wearing him down. I know just how he feels. That feeling is what made me want to start this project in the first place. Sometimes it’s just nice to know you’re not in it alone, isn't it? Thanks, honey, for making me feel like I wasn’t in it alone this week.


Oh! I have to share this card from my son that I found while cleaning out a drawer yesterday. I think it perfectly illustrates this project:



Yep, pretty much.

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